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Kates Method - Natural Muscle Pain Relief

Kates Method - Natural Muscle Pain Relief



Kates Method is an all-natural, painless, safe technique that uses the body's built-in intelligence and self-healing mechanisms to provide relief from muscular tension and related pain.  It regards a painful area as a symptom of lack of motion. Therefore, the method works to restore motion to immobile areas such as when you cannot turn your neck to one side. By restoring motion to the area, circulation returns and the pain is reduced or eliminated by a rush of fresh blood and oxygen.

A central premise of the Kates Method is that pain is the end result of a chain of events that occur in everyday life. The chain begins with stress from mental, physical, emotional or spiritual causes. Stress leads to muscular tension. That tension leads to immobility. Lack of motion, if unrelieved, leads to a drop in circulation to the area because the tissues are too tight to allow normal blood flow. The lack of circulation leads to a drop in oxygen and a build up of toxins. The lack of oxygen and the toxins causes pain. The pain causes more stress and the cycle begins again.

By moving opposing regions of the body in the direction they are most free, the immobile region is released and pain is relieved. In essence, the Kates Method short circuits the cycle of pain.

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